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Station metadata
Code wbhb
Country UK
Location West Bay Harbour
Status Operational
Status description Offset due to shift in Etrometa sections. Second tide gauge at same location installed in July 2020 and providing good data (, 2021-01-08)
Added to the system 2012-09-20 18:26:17
Local Contact Channel Coastal Observatory ( UK )
QC data
Latitude 50.71017
Longitude -2.76398
Connection WEB service
Transmit interval (min) 0.1666
Sensor 1
Type of sensorstp (Etrometa step gauges)
Sampling rate (min)0.1666
Units of measurem
    Performance statistics
Last data measured at2021-01-26 00:00:38
Last data received at2021-01-26 00:00:41
Measurements received in 24h8610
Measurements expected8643
Performance ratio100%
Period SignalsData

7 days
30 days
Remove outliers
Remove spikes
Relative levels= signal - average over selected period
Absolute levels= as received
Offset signals= relative signals + offset
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