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Data Policy

The data and products available through this web-site are made available in accordance with the IOC Oceanographic Data Exchange Policy as adopted by the 22nd session of IOC Assembly in Resolution 6. Data and products available on this web-site may not be used for any commercial purposes. Commercial users should contact the relevant data originators.


If you have realtime sealevel data that you would like to share via this facility, become one of the data provider by sending an email to

Enter or edit station metadata

Station metadata can be edited manually by the operator responsible for the respective station.
You'll need to register for this, please follow instructions on this page.

BGAN service

We provide a service that allows data providers to post messages to the Global Telecommunication System (GTS).
Messages can be provided via a BGAN terminal or any station that is able to do TCP/IP socket communication
You can read any technical details here

Sealevel Station Catalog (SSC)

The catalog is giving an overview of all identifiers used by the different data providers.
Only 3 core fields are stored in the database: the name, latitude and longitude of the station. Any other information is taken directly from the data providers. This should make it easy to verify the mapping between the different data providers.
RSS feeds and webservices are provided to retrieve information from the SSC.
Data providers are encouraged to verify and/or add their own stations.
You can access the catalog here

Direct data access web service to the IOC sealevel system hosted at VLIZ.

Most of the station descriptive metadata and the station realtime data is accessible through a REST web service.
Users are required to register for this service. Having your contact details will enable us to keep track of the use of this facility, solve performance problems at network level and contact you in case of changes or maintenance activities.
Simply register by sending an email to including your IP address and reason for registering.