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New stations added in the Caribbean (6) & Italy (20)
Added on: 2013-12-19 20:27:41 by Aarup, Thorkild
In December 2013, six new sea level stations were installed in the Caribbean at George Town (Cayman Islands), Puerto Barrios (Guatemala), Basseterre (St. Kitts & Nevis), Port au Prince (Haïti), Jacmel (Haïti) and Calliaqua (Saint Vincent & Grenadines). ... [Read more]
Reporting to the GLOSS GE 13 meeting - Improved robustness of the Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility
Added on: 2013-11-12 10:20:29 by Vanhoorne, Bart
Over the past year VLIZ has invested resources in enhancing the Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility and in improving system redundancy and uptime. ... [Read more]
89 new stations added in 2013
Added on: 2013-07-29 11:12:52 by Aarup, Thorkild
In 2013, 89 new stations have been added to the sea level station monitoring facility by Antigua, Barbados, Chile, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago and Vanuatu. [Read more]

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